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Wayne Salge

Wayne Salge Edgar Bronze Ed 18
Wayne Salge "Edgar" 23H Bronze Edition of 18
Colorado sculptor, Wayne Salge has been creating wildlife including horses, birds, domestic animals, as well as figurative works for decades.  Sculpting wasn't his first choice in college, where he studied fine arts and graphic design.  One of his professors encouraged him to sculpt as a way to think differently - to think more abstractly - to break away from the illustrative.  Salge moves beyond anatomically accurate rendering to explore the essence of the piece and work in the personality.  He pushes the limits to discover the abstractness. For more information on Wayne and other sculpture visit his artist page. Just click on his name.

Wayne Salge is one of of several contemporary sculptors represented by Saks Galleries in Denver Colorado.  Discover all of Denver's premier art gallery sculptors including Jane DeDeckerBarry EisenachDaniel GlanzVeryl GoodnightT.D. Kelsey,  Kirsten KokkinNura Mascarenas,  Pati Stajcar and Shirley Thomson-Smith.
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Wayne Salge
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