The Collectors Salon at Saks Galleries Denver Colorado March 29, 2014


Edvard Munch Does Thinking About Starting an Art Collection Want to Make You SCREAM?

Saks Galleries Cherry Creek


"The Collectors' Salon"

Lecture and Panel Discussion

Saturday, March 29, 2014

1:pm - 3:pm

Don't miss the opportunity to discuss practical tips on the art market and how everyone can become a collector on any budget...that doesn't make you SCREAM.


Featured Speaker

Shannon Robinson

"The Art Imperative: Building Living Lifetime Collections"

Panel Discussion led by

Mikkel Saks, Saks Galleries

Andrea T. Kemp, realist painter

Saks Galleries Staff Members

Picasso Woman with a Flower

Pablo Picasso "Woman with a Flower" 1932


Why Should You Collect Original Art?

What is Happening in the Global Market?

Auction Prices Skyrocketing and Who Influences the Market?

How Do I Start Collecting? 

Get the Answers from the Experts at

Saks Galleries Cherry Creek

Oldest Fine Art Gallery in Colorado

3019 East 2nd Avenue

Denver, Colorado 80206


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Image top left: "The Scream" by Edvard Munch 1893

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